Internal Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibilities includes a sense of social responsibility toward a variety of stakeholders, both external and internal to the organization. It involves externally toward the surrounding society and internally toward the business. HMN prides itself as a caring and responsible organization that is committed to contribute to the community and stakeholders by a specific programme conducted. Our internal CSR is:

Internal CSR

10% Mutual Profit (Profit Sharing)

This is an individual benefit that is practiced by HMN regardless of rank. If the individual or Employee is successful in any project, he or she will get 10% of the Net Profit earned by the Company. This initiative is not only benefits the Company, but also encourages employees to work harder in generating more salaries received every month. This will not only encourage them to earn more income, but also as a learning phase to take all the existing business opportunities and be more competitive.

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